Real Estate Medio Studios

Hello, I am Shane Robson, founder of REM Studios.

I have been at the cutting edge of real estate and commercial photography for the past ten years working across the globe.

I studied interior and spacial design at the London guildhall university before starting my own business in design and decoration of homes in and around London.

It was during this time my love of photography led me into a wonderful new career first, portraits and weddings and then, building on my skill set, real estate and commercial photography.

There is more to real estate photography than most people think, angles, heights, styling, time of day, lots of discussions take place even before REM turn up to photograph a property.

We have a small but dedicated team working within SEQLD covering photography, video and we are fully insured and licensed drone operators.

We will help you decide on when would be the best time to optimise the light and to get the best possible results. You only get one chance to get it right and we pride ourselves or a job done well. Our reputation is based on our last photoshoot. We know our job is to get prospective buyers through the door or to pick up the phone and call you.

We all love what we do at REM Studios and it shows in our level of commitment and attention to detail we give to each of our jobs.

Please send a booking form or email and receive 20% off your first photoshoot, we are eager to show the business what REM can offer, quality, consistency and affordability, a premium product for premium clients.

Shane Robson